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The Rules
« on: November 12, 2021, 11:33:17 pm »
The Rules Of the Forum:

Rule 1.) No Discrimination *Reason~ I would like to keep this forum up for as long as possible, and I would like it to be enjoyable for everybody*
Rule 2.) No Spam, If you want to spam go to Memes where it will be more palatable.
Rule 3.) No NSFW, What you do in your free time is your own free time, just don't post it here.
Rule 4.) No harassment, this goes without saying.

1 Warning ~ Verbal/Text Warning
2 Warnings ~ 1-day ban
3 Warnings ~ 1-Week ban
4 Warnings ~ 1-Month ban/Perm ban *depending on what it is*

In Order to access the entire forum, please register and Message me with your WA Nation Name/The Nation you use the most, and what region you're from.
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